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Old 10-11-2009
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Windows AquA v1[Spanish] | 372 MB

Link download (RS & HF & SM- sharingmatrix & LT)

Oxygen XML Editor v11.0 Portable | 147 Mb

Oxygen is a complete cross platform XML editor providing the tools for XML authoring, XML conversion, XML Schema, DTD, Relax NG and Schematron development, XPath, XSLT, XQuery debugging, SOAP and WSDL testing. The integration with the XML document repositories is made through the WebDAV, Subversion and S/FTP protocols.Oxygen also supports browsing, managing and querying native XML and relational databases. The Oxygen XML Editor is also available as an Eclipse IDE plugin, bringing unique XML development features to this widely used Java IDE.

One of the most important additions in Oxygen XML Editor and Author version 11 is the bundling of the schema-aware XSLT 2.0 and XQuery processor from Saxonica. Saxon-SA is now available in all Oxygen editions at no additional cost. Version 10 comes with a large number of improvements including a powerful new XML instance generator, better content completion offering proposals from included or imported XML Schema or XSLT modules, a better integration of the Intel(R) XML Software Suite and updates of most database connectors, document frameworks and XML, XML Schema, XSLT, XPath and FOP processors. The SVN support was also updated to include Subversion 1.5 features.

Some features:
» Visual WYSIWYG XML editing mode based on W3C CSS stylesheets
» Closely integrate with the DITA Open Toolkit for generating DITA output
» Can be used as standalone desktop application, run through Java Web Start or as an Eclipse plugin
» Support for XML, XML Schema, Relax NG , Schematron, DTD, NRL schemas, NVDL schemas, XSLT, XSL:FO, WSDL, XQuery, HTML, CSS
» Validate XML Schema schemas, Relax NG schemas, DTDs, Schematron schemas, NRL schemas, NVDL schemas, WSDL, XQuery, HTML and CSS
» Multiple built-in validation engines and support for custom validation engines
» Support for latest versions of document frameworks: DocBook and TEI
» Ready to use FOP support to generate PDF or PS documents
» Support for editing remote files over FTP, SFTP, HTTP/WebDAV and HTTPS/WebDAV
» Visual schema editor with full and logical model views
» New XML document wizards to easily create documents specifying a schema or a DTD
» Conversions from DTD, Relax NG schema or a set of documents to XML Schema, DTD or Relax NG schema
» Import data from a database, Excel, HTML or text file
» Batch validate selected files in project
» Generate large sets of sample XML instances from XML Schema
» Configurable external tools
» Multi-line find and replace support allows regular expressions, is XML aware, is incremental, handles multiple files
» All the usual editor capabilities (cut, copy, paste, find, replace, windows management)
» Support for editing, modifying and using files directly from ZIP-type archives
» Compare and merge files and directories
» Generate HTML documentation from XML Schemas
» Unicode support
» Syntax coloring for XML, DTD, Relax NG compact syntax, Java, C++, C, PHP, Perl, etc
» Support for document templates to easily create and share documents
» Bookmark support
» Print documents
» Drag & drop support
» Multilanguage support: English, German, French, Italian and Japanese
» And much, much more...

Link download: (RS & HF)

VariCAD 2009 2.02 for WindowsLinux x86x64

VariCAD 2009 2.02 for Windows/Linux x86/x64 | 259MB

VariCAD 2009 is a 3D/2D CAD solution for mechanical engineering. In addition to standard tools for 3D modeling and 2D drafting, the CAD system provides tools for sheet metal unbending and crash tests, libraries of standard mechanical parts (ANSI, DIN) and symbols, mechanical part calculations and tools for working with bills of materials (BOMs) and title blocks.VariCAD supports STEP, STL, IGES, DWG and DXF file formats.

Key Features:

Quick Demonstration:
· Watch how to create your 3D models or 2D drawings with VariCAD. This online demostration shows you how the VariCAD interface looks and how easy it is to design with the program.

User Interface and System Environment:
· VariCAD's Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been designed to allow quick and intuitive 3D/2D orientation. We carefully tailored and tuned the GUI to reflect the thought process of a designer, so that ideas can be captured and communicated with a minimal number of steps. All commands were created with a focus on ease of use. An intelligent cursor, numerous detection and selection modes, 2D construction lines, and the orthogonal grid are just some of the tools that make working with VariCAD so easy.
· You can start by creating a 3D model and then use it to automatically create drawings files, or you can draw only in 2D. Designing in 3D is generally more "natural," in that it closely represents actual parts and assemblies. The 3D approach is usually more intuitive than 2D drafting. Models created in 3D are easily converted into conventional 2D documentation.

3D Modeling:
· VariCAD provides a library of basic 3D solids (prism, cylinder, cone, etc.), which are easily modified by editing the original profile or parameters. Solids can also easily be created by profile rotation, extrusion, or lofting. More complex tools include rotation blending between two profiles, lofting between a circle and rectangle, and creation of helical surfaces.
· Solids can be added or subtracted, thus forming Boolean trees representing real mechanical parts. Boolean operations have options for automatic trimming, or automatic removal of subtracted volumes. Predefined operations like hole drilling, face milling, groove milling and edge beveling/filleting are also available. Boolean trees are very easy to edit.

3D Tools - Assemblies, Groups, Parts etc:
· VariCAD also provides tools for assembly support. If the link between a part and assembly is defined, any changes made to the part file are reflected in the assembly file and vice-versa. Linked copies can also be defined. In this case, editing of one object causes all its linked copies to be updated. Solid groups can be defined as well, making selection and visibility changes simple for multiple objects.

Crash Tests (Interferences):
· One excellent feature of 3D modeling is component interference checking. VariCAD can check 3D assemblies for possible collisions (overlapping volume) between components.

· VariCAD can calculate 2D section area, surface area, volume, mass, center of gravity, and moment of gyration. A library of mechanical calculations is also included, for standard parts used every day by mechanical designers. These mechanical parts include tension and compression springs, pre-stressed bolted connections, pins and parallel keys, grooved shafts, bearings, beams under combined stress (bending and torsion), spur and bevel gearing geometry, and belt drives.

Surface Development (Sheet Metal Unbending):
· VariCAD can also create developed (flattened) surfaces of 3D solids. The XY coordinates of the developed surfaces can be saved to a text file for further processing. You can input bending coefficients in order to customize your calculations.

Mechanical Part and Symbol Libraries:
· VariCAD contains libraries of standard mechanical parts (ANSI, DIN), such as bolts, nuts, pins, plugs, cotters, gaskets, bearings, rolled and drawn shapes, and hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronic symbols. You can add items to these libraries or modify existing parts - all 2D and most 3D dimensions can be edited.
· Non-graphical information can also be assigned to parts, such as type of material or supplier. This information is incorporated into an assembly and can be used for material requisitions, bills of materials (BOM), title blocks, or other purposes.

3D - 2D Export:
· 3D models are easily converted into 2D drawings to produce conventional drafting documentation. You can create 2D views of one or more selected solids by defining the views in 3D. In addition, you can also export specified sections. VariCAD supports updates of a 2D drawing after changes in 3D.

2D Drawing and Editing:
· Drawing functions are geared toward easy use in engineering. Some handy features of 2D drawing include: an intelligent cursor that automatically detects objects and snap points, numerous snap modes, flexible item selectability, auxiliary construction lines, ortho mode, rectangular grid, drawing layers (up to 250), block creation, hatching with automatic border detection, advanced dimensioning, surface texture symbols, welding symbols, tolerance symbols, and more. Dimensions can be in millimeters or inches.

BOM and Title Blocks:
· VariCAD provides tools for maintaining drawing databases, which represent the data structure of the product. Databases can be created manually (using data extraction from the assembly), or by loading a file. There are constraints between data in part and assembly drawing title blocks and the assembly database. You can build a bill of material (BOM) from the database, then easily modify the database using commands like mass attribute changes, sorting of information, etc.
· The data structure of the product (BOM) can be exported into other systems or into a spreadsheet. Automatic BOM and title block creation is another one of VariCAD's useful tools. A mask is used for customization; if you create masks for BOM and title blocks, you can use them until a change is necessary. The CAD system provides default masks which can be adjusted to suit your needs.

· VariCAD can interchange files with other CAD systems. You can import STEP (3D), DWG (2D), DXF (2D) and IGES (2D) files, and export STEP (3D), STL (3D), IGES (3D and 2D), DWG (2D), DXF (2D). The files can be converted individually or in batch routines, thereby converting multiple files in one step.

Printing and Plotting:
· Printing within VariCAD is highly customizable. You can use Windows or KDE Linux printer drivers, or VariCAD built-in drivers. Postscript printing is also available.

· VariCAD is a total CAD solution for mechanical engineering. It is compact, fast, easy to use, and contains everything you need for mechanical engineering design. The high performance and powerful tools of our fully loaded package make VariCAD a superb investment. And at our price, no other product is a better value.

Homepage - http://www.varicad.com

Link download (RS & HF)

Office 2007 SP2 BLACK EDITION v2

Office 2007 SP2 BLACK EDITION v2 | 701 MB

Office 2007 BLACK EDITION is an ongoing project to make Office 2007 more compatible and easier to use. It supports almost every office document format including Open Office and Google Docs formats.
This release jumps to version 2, due to the UAC elevation that I've kicked around for months. Vista and 7 users can now install from any account and from any UAC level. You will only be asked once to allow ob_install.exe to run; the rest of the script executes perfectly even with UAC on full blast. Post SP2 updates were removed; they took to damn long to install and I wanted to keep the package at ~700 MB. The classic menu not registered bug is also fixed now, sorry to everyone that d/led 1.7.

-Enterprise edition pre-activated from an admin install point.
- Suitable for XP, Vista, 7 - x86 or x64 (
-SP2 included and installs automatically.
-Classic Menus for Office 2007(uninstallable), because let’s face it, ribbons are difficult to navigate.
-Black theme and other registry tweaks applied.
-Pre-installed add-ins for productivity.
-Updates without problem, and PASSES OGA VALIDATION, so templates or addins can be ownloaded without hassle.

- Access
- Excel
- Groove
- InfoPath
- OneNote
- Outlook
- PowerPoint
- Publisher
- Visio Viewer
- Word

- Classic Menus for Office
- Office Live Beta
- OffiSync (Google Docs Support)
- ODF Addin for Office (Open Office Format Support)

Filetypes Supported:
- All MS formats
- All Google Docs formats
- All Open Office Formats
- Can save as XPS or PDF

Install notes:
VISTA AND 7 USERS: you will be prompted to allow "ob_install.exe" to run, if you have UAC turned on.
Office 2007 is customizable, install what ever components you like.
The "Applying Updates" takes awhile, please be paitent.
Add-ins are installed after office, please give it a few minutes to install them.
Add-ins will download some files (hotfixes for OS platforms, .Net updates if needed).
If prompted to reboot, choose "No" and wait 2 minutes, then reboot.

Changelog for v2:
- All UAC issues solved, this can be run with UAC on now.
- Post SP2 updates removed; took to long to install.
- Fixed Classic Menus not registered bug from 1.7.

Changelog for 1.7:
- All critical and important Office 2007 updates added (to 9/13). Updated help files are not included.
- Office Live updated to 1.4 (Still shows up as an update though).
- Classic Menus updated to 4.5
- OffiSync updated to
- ODF addin updated to 3.0.4264
- New icon.
- Reminder window for "Run as Administrator" added.

Changelog for 1.6:
- Switched to 7zip sfx: Better compression and faster extraction. Added extraction progress bar.
- Updated OGA script for better x64 support.
- Default Word file save type is .doc instead of .docx now.
- Added OffiSync addin for Google Docs support.
- Added Odf Addin for Open Office formats support.
- Removed Math addin; It was fairly useless.

Changelog for 1.5:
- Updated to Service Pack 2
- Removed Save as XPS or PDF addin; it is included in SP2

Changelog for 1.4:
- Completely overhauled OGA. Fixed bug for users who had office previously installed. Updated to OGA v1.7.
- Added Office Live Beta. Vista, 2008, and 7 users will have to install certain hotfixes for their respective systems, but these will be downloaded automatically during install. Internet connection required.

Changelog for 1.3:
-Made installiation customizable. Hit the custom button and install whatever you need, instead of the whole Enterprise package.
-Removed setup completeion notification.
-Added two new add-ins: Save as PDF or XPS and Office Math.
-Moved extracted files back to %temp%.

Changelog for 1.2:
- The first version updated fine, but did not pass OGA validation. This release does pass.
- Small bug was found that caused the installer to extract its contents twice to the temp folder, taking twice as long to extract and twice as much space, hence most of the "it's not installing" complaints.

Link download (RS & HF)
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Old 10-13-2009
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Tham gia ngày: Dec 2007
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Experience: 32%

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Portable Adobe CS3 Ultimate Collection (2009)

Portable Adobe CS3 Ultimate Collection (2009) | 1.75GB
Portable Adobe CS3 Ultimate Collection - a portable set of software from Adobe provides all the tools for printing, mobile, interactive and Web-design, site creation and much more.

Year: 2009
Version: CS3
Developer: Adobe
Language: English / Russian
Tablet: Not required
File size: 1.75 GB

Portable Adobe Acrobat Reader 8
Portable Adobe After Effects CS3
Portable Adobe Audition v3.0
Portable Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
Portable Adobe Fireworks CS3
Portable Adobe Flash CS3
Portable Adobe GoLive CS3
Portable Adobe Illustrator CS3
Portable Adobe InDesign CS3
Portable Adobe Lightroom 1.3
Portable Adobe Page Maker v7.01
Portable Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended


Portable Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended
Photoshop CS3 Extended includes all of the same features as Photoshop CS3 but adds a brand-new set of tools and capabilities for the integration of 3-D models, video and animation, and image measurement and analysis.

Portable Adobe Fireworks CS3
Create and edit vector and bitmap images, and import and edit native AdobeA® PhotoshopA® and Adobe IllustratorA® files.
Image optimization, Optimize graphics for virtually any delivery scenario with preview, cross-platform gamma preview, selective JPEG compression, and a wide range of export controls.

Portable Adobe After Effects CS3
Class Act! It's exciting when the newest version of a product that you've had the pleasure to use has so many tremendous new additions/upgrades to it as Adobe After Effects CS3. It's powerful integration across the board with the different Adobe products makes AE CS3 more exciting and effective.
With it's new 2D and 3D compositing features, animating anything and everything is possible.
The 3D feature includes moving animation along the X, Y, and Z coordinates.

Portable Adobe Illustrator CS3
Create sophisticated vector artwork for virtually any medium with AdobeA‚A® IllustratorA‚A® CS3 software. Capture your ideas easily with industry-standard drawing tools, and experiment freely with flexible new color controls. Experience tight integration with other Adobe applications, and let improved performance help speed you through creating extraordinary graphics.

Portable Adobe InDesign CS3
All-new AdobeA® InDesignA® CS software takes page design to a new level, combining extraordinary production power and creative freedom with innovative cross-media support. Through its tight integration with Adobe PhotoshopA®, IllustratorA®, and AcrobatA® software, this essential upgrade from InDesign 2.0 helps you produce pages quickly and output them reliably. Separations Preview palette Prevent printing errors by using the Separations Preview palette to preview plates, overprinting, ink limits, and more.

Portable Adobe Audition v3.0
Recording, mixing, editing, and mastering — AdobeA® AuditionA® 3 software is the all-in-one toolset for professional audio production.

Portable Adobe Acrobat Reader 8
Adobe Acrobat Reader is free, and freely distributable, software that lets you view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
Acrobat Reader also lets you fill in and submit PDF forms online.

Portable Adobe Document Format
Invented by Adobe Systems and perfected over 15 years, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) lets you capture and view robust information — from any application, on any computer system — and share it with anyone around the world.

Portable Adobe Lightroom 1.3
New AdobeA® PhotoshopA® Lightroom™ software is the professional photographer's essential toolbox, providing one easy application for managing, adjusting, and presenting large volumes of digital photographs so you can spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens.

Portable Adobe GoLive CS3
Design websites intuitively
AdobeA® GoLiveA® 9 software allows both web professionals and graphic designers to visually create sophisticated, CSS-based content.
Design graphics in other Adobe applications and bring them to the web with ease, using familiar tools and concepts. Then, publish your site to the web with easy-to-use site management tools similar to those found in Adobe Bridge.

Portable Adobe Page Maker v7.01
Portable Adobe PageMaker 7.01 is the ideal page layout program for business, education, and small- and home-office professionals who want to create high-quality publications such as brochures and newsletters. Get started quickly with templates, graphics, and intuitive design tools; work productively across Adobe applications; and easily leverage existing content to create customized communications.

Link dowload (RS & HF & FF- filefactory)

Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview (2009 14.0.4006.1110)

Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview (2009 14.0.4006.1110) | 674MB

Microsoft has provided its major partners pre-evaluation version of the new office software package developed by Office 2010 Technical Preview 1. For comfortable work with Office 2010 you do not need to change the hardware, since the system requirements since the release of Office 2007 have not changed. As in the case with Windows 7, Microsoft realized that to realize the benefits of an existing hardware is just as important as support for new technologies.

Year: 2009
Version: 14.0.4006.1110
Developer: Mircrosoft
Platform: PC / Intel
Compatibility with Vista: complete

System requirements:
• Minimum: 1 GHz
• Recommended: 2 GHz
• Minimum: 512 MB RAM
• Recommended: 1 GB RAM
Language: English only
Microsoft has released Office 2010 Technical Preview version to invited beta testers who registered for Office 2010 Technical Preview program. Several builds of Office 2010 such as Office 2010 Technical Preview and Office 2010 Mondo (Ultimate) Technical Preview have been leaked to Internet.

The TP version of Office 2010 requires activation too. For people who is not accepted or invited into the official Office 2010 Technical Preview program, but has installed Office 2010, and been persistently warned that this copy of Microsoft Office is not activated with few days left to activate, Office 2010 (probably including the final RTM version when released) has built-in capability for user to rearm and extend the activation grace period for another additional 30 days for up to generous 5 (five) times, in a feature similar to Windows Vista rearm or Windows 7 rearm, allowing up to 180 days of free usage of Office 2010.

Extras. Information: How to Rearm Microsoft Office 2010 to Extend Activation Grace Period for Another 30 Days

Go to Control Panel -> Administrator Tools -> Services, or type services.msc in Start Search.
Stop the Office Software Protection service.
Open a Command Prompt with elevated privileges.
Run the OSPPRUN.exe with the following command:

Where SystemDrive is normally C: or other drive letter that Windows is installed on.

A new prompt will come out. Enter the following commands which precede with > one by one, each follows by Enter:
> Initialize

> Open

> GetInstalledSkuIds

Above command will return the following result, where the application ID number 0 represents AppID for Office 2010:

0. 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a
1. 26adec89-edf3-4adc-a3fc-c865f1a9f71f

> GetInstalledAppIds 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a

Above command will return result similar to below:

0. 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663

> GetLicensingStatus 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a

Above command will return the following output, where dwGraceTime is a DWORD value that holds the grace period before the software will stop working and require activation:

SkuId = 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a
dwGraceTime = 1D 23:37
dwTotalGraceDays = 30 days
hrReason = 4004F00C
qwExpiration = 2010/10/31

In the same prompt, run the following commands (which basically set AppID and SkuID for Office 2010 to enable free 30 days usage before activation), each follows by Enter, to rearm Microsoft Office 2010 to reset, prolong and extend activation grace period for additional 30 days:
> Rearm 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a 1

Note: Mostly the IDs are the same for similar Office 2010 installation. If your APP ID and/or SKU ID is different, please change accordingly.

> Close

> Initialize

> Open

Note: “Close” command is import to stop the Office Software Protection service (which can also be stopped via Service.msc interface) after rearming and before reinitialize of license data (The activation countdown timer or license requires a service reinitialization or restart to update), or else “Unlicensed” license status with timer at 0 error may occur.

To verify that the Office 2010 rearm is successful, and to check how many days left in activation grace period before activation is required, use the following command, follows by Enter (replace IDs if different):
> GetLicensingStatus 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a

SkuId = 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a
dwGraceTime = 29D 23:37
dwTotalGraceDays = 30 days
hrReason = 4004F00C
qwExpiration = 2010/10/31

dwGraceTime will show the remaining time available to use Office 2010 for free without activation.

Quit the OSPPRUN prompt with following command, follows by Enter:
> Quit

Tip 1: To check how many rearms that is remaining, use the following command:

> GetApplicationInformation 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 RemainingRearmCount

(DWORD, []) 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 = 4

after one rearm of office 2010, 4 rearms is still possible, to extend the free (evaluation or trial) free usage of office 2010 to 180 days (6 months or half a year), taking into account the initial 30 days activation free period before first ream is performed.

tip 2: to check and show how many rearms of office 2010 have been performed, use the following command:

> getapplicationinformation 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 rearmcount

(dword, []) 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 = 1

Link download (RS & HF & FF - filefactory)
http://www.ziddu.com/download/688596...110.t xt.html

Microsoft Expression Studio 3 Build 1762 Retail | 262MB

Microsoft Expression Studio opens a new world of creative possibilities. Its professional design tools give you the freedom to implementing your vision, regardless of whether you design for a standardized web sites, creating extensive application desktop or Silverlight.

If you conceive of visual images to develop and use visual environment, Expression Studio is the perfect tool for you to create breathtaking, spectacular and expressive design patterns for the desktop and Web sites. Rich visual imagery technology in a complex and Silverlight. NET provides many exciting opportunities that will enable you to realize your creative ideas to life with a large number of design tools created specifically for these tasks.

Expression Studio includes:
* Expression Web,
* Expression Blend,
* Expression Design
* Expression Encoder.
* Design tools for Silverlight &. NET

»Expression Web simplifies and accelerates the process of creating standards-based sites. With the latest design environment that generates pure CSS, you can make decisions about development on the fly, knowing that you can see an accurate representation of the final form page in the browser.
»Expression Blend ™ is a tool for developing interactive elements for Silverlight and. NET and allows you to convey the concept of user experiences more precisely, from preliminary layout to the final draft.
"Models SketchFlow quick and easy to build, and inexpensive, that allows you to create, review and compare several ideas before a final decision.
»Expression Design is a professional design tool for creating graphical content, which can be used in programs for the development of complex Expression Studio: Expression Blend and Expression Web.
»Expression Encoder 3 allows you to use the power of coding, which occupies a leading position in the industry, with a simple and accessible interface that simplifies the process of preparing video material for use in a variety of purposes, including as part of Silverlight on the web.

To use Microsoft Expression Studio 3 you need:
* Operating system Microsoft Windows ® XP with Service Pack 2, Windows Vista ™ and Windows 7
* Windows ® Media Player 11 (only Windows XP)
* PC with a processor 1 GHz or higher
* 1 GB or more RAM
* 2 GB or more hard disk space
*. NET Framework 3.5 with Service Pack 1
* Graphics support Microsoft DirectX ® 9.0 driver Windows Vista Display Driver Model (WDDM), 128 MB or more video memory, hardware support for Pixel Shader 2.0, 32 bits per pixel
* DVD-ROM drive
* Monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher and 24 bit color depth
* Internet access (for work in the Internet may need to make a charge)
* Some features require Silverlight 2.0, Firefox 3.0, Internet Explorer 7 and AJAX Suite

The actual requirements and product functionality may vary depending on the configuration of your computer and operating system and does not involve the simultaneous use of multiple copies of the product.

Microsoft Expression Studio 3 Release Notes
Here is the information, which is an application to the Microsoft Expression Studio User's Guide 3. Here are the technical notes for the release of products:
* Expression Blend ™ 3
* Expression Design 3
* Expression Encoder 3
* Expression Web 3

Installation and requirements
1. Program Expression Studio 2 can not be uninstalled to remove Expression Media 2 SP2
2. Expression Blend Preview for Silverlight 3 and Silverlight SDK

Title: Expression ® Studio 3
Version: 3.0.1762.0
Date: 2009
Developer: Microsoft
Interface: ENG.
Platform: Windows ® XP SP2, Windows Vista ™ and Windows 7
Size: 262,59 Mb.

link donload (RS & HF &FF)
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Lớp CN107A4

thay đổi nội dung bởi: binhvt107cn0277, 10-13-2009 lúc 12:36 AM. Lý do: Hệ thống tự động gộp hai bài viết liền nhau trong khoảng thời gian 12 tiếng.
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Tham gia ngày: Dec 2007
Bài gởi: 720
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Level: 24 [♥ Bé-Yêu ♥]
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Experience: 32%

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MultiBoot DVD v4.0-P Updated 12.10.2009 | 1.35GB

Multiboot DVD-ROM to work, backing up and repairing the hard drive partitions, treatment of viruses, the dumping of "forgotten" passwords, etc.

This CD is a continuation and development of the following titles and programs for service users:
1) Alkid Live CD & USB from 01 ??????? 2009
2) Hiren's Boot CD 10.0
3) Acronis BootCD Reanimator 6.2009
4) Active @ Boot Disk v4.1.4 + Hiren's BootCD 9.9 + Acronis BootCD Reanimator 4.2009 + DrWeb Live CD
5) LSoft Technologies Active @ Software & ISO
6) PARAGON Partition Manager Server v10.0.7893 Windows PE Recovery CD
7) MultiBoot DVD v4.0 afin 2009-10-03

Disc is not placed and executed from the operating system! Exception is Startup Tools from the Hiren's Boot CD. (burn to CD disc)

The principal differences between MultiBoot DVD v4.0-P afin 2009-10-12 from MultiBoot DVD v4.0 afin 2009-10-03:
- Added PARAGON Partition Manager Server 10.0.7893
- Removed Active @ Boot Disk Suite 4.1.4 Windows Edition
(Unfortunately they do not live together)

MultiBoot DVD v4.0-P CONTAINS:

1. Alkid Live CD from 01 October 2009 - without any changes
Boot disk (CD / DVD / USB) to work and restore the system.
Contains a set of fresh anti-virus, utilities for disk and images, backup and lifting systems, restore lost information and passwords, creating new administrator accounts, return to the point of rollback, your system info and etc.
Works with SATA disks and RAID arrays, mounts a volume Linux, provides a rich set of networking and SATA / SCSI / RAID drivers.

2. Hiren's Boot CD 10.0
Amazing competently and professionally assembled, the most popular boot "All-in-one" disc, literally everyone, including ??????????? and administrators for the repair work on the computer. With a small footprint contains a large quantity of the best world-class programs that do almost everything for "pulling out" of the data and return your computer to life, identifying and testing different devices PC and meets the highest requirements. Also includes anti-virus software with the ability to update databases, anti-spyware, programs to work with the disk: formatting, partition, repair, testing, etc., the cloning system, a block of data recovery after the collapse of Windows, the tools to identify hardware, work with the BIOS, and much more .

3. Acronis BootCD Reanimator 6.2009
In full, except for Windows Key Enterprise 8.3.2867 RU - removed due to nesovmetimosti Alkid Live CD, but also because of the disk is Active @ Boot Disk Suite, which allows you to work with passwords.
Boot disk for backup, and repairing the hard drive partitions
Added: HDD Regenerator v1.71; HDD Regenerator v1.61; HDD Regenerator v1.51.
HDD Regenerator - the unique program to restore the hard drive. The program eliminates physical damages (Bad blocks) from the surface of the hard disk. She does not hide bad sectors, but really restores them! Almost 60% of damaged hard drives have incorrectly magnetized surface. Program developers have found a special algorithm for sequences of signals of low and high level. These signals are generated by the program and change the damaged area. Even low-level format can not cope with this task! HDD Regenerator regenerates bad sectors reversal. Almost 60% of hard drive beyond repair program. As a result, corrupted and unreadable information is restored without any impact on existing data.

4. LSoft Technologies Active @ boot disks and floppy disks:
A set of boot disks and diskettes to solve problems with a computer's operating system.

Composition disks and floppy disks:
Active @ Boot Disk Suite 4.1.4 DOS Edition - bootable CD / DVD drive to solve problems with your computer's operating system.
Active @ Boot Disk DOS Edition includes the following utilities Active @:
- Active @ UNERASER
- Active @ Partition Recovery
- Active @ KillDisk
- Active @ Disk Image
- Active @ NTFS Reader
- Active @ Password Changer

Active @ KillDisk Professional Suite 5.1.24 - DOS Edition
Active @ KillDisk - a program for complete destruction of data on your hard disk without the slightest ability to recover the data. If you are using standard tools for deleting files or formatting the drive, then deleted data can be then recovered with special software to recover deleted files. However, sometimes it is necessary that the data were completely destroyed beyond repair and for this there are many utilities. But not all of these utilities will be able to completely destroy the data. Active @ KillDisk is one of the best programs for the complete destruction of your information, which will completely destroy the data so that the subsequent recovery then it will be impossible. Program supports devices connected to an IDE and SCSI. As a result of processing, storage is filled with nothing meaningless combinations of ones and zeros, reliably supersede any were on its files.

- Detect and display information for all sections, disks and floppy disks
- Complete cleaning of floppy disks and hard drives
- Cleaning partitions, logical drives, etc.
- Create a report on cleaning and maintaining the report as a file
- Support for IDE, SATA and SCSI drives
- Supports large disks (over 128 GB)
- Support for file systems FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc.
- Double confirmation, excluding the subsequent recovery
- Very easy to use program
- Work on any system that is compatible with the boot from a floppy disk in DOS-mode

Active @ Partition Recovery Enterprise 5.3.717 - DOS Edition
Active @ Partition Recovery Enterprise 5.3.717 - Floppy DOS Edition
Active @ Partition Recovery Enterprise - complete set of programs to recover deleted or damaged data restore deleted partitions or logical drives on the entire hard drive. In addition to Windows and DOS versions of the software contains zagruzhaemy Bootable Windows CD-ROM ISO image to restore the system partition, even Windows. A program running under DOS helps to recover deleted partitions and logical drives on the entire hard drive. Can recover MBR (Master BootRecord), the table files, boot sectors, as well as the data after their destruction as a result of viruses. The program does not depend on other operating systems as well as working with self-loading drive or floppy disk.

Active @ Password Changer Pro 3.5.128 Boottable CD
Active @ Password Changer Pro 3.5.128 Floppy
Active @ Password Changer - a program that allows you to reset the password on the system installed Windows XP / VISTA / 2003 / 2000 / NT, it does not matter where the user is either the administrator password will be simply deleted and you will not have because of their strange forgetfulness or reinstall the system . The interface for the program is very simple and intuitive and allows even a novice to cope with it.

5. PARAGON Partition Manager Server v10.0.7893 Windows PE Recovery CD
Paragon Partition Manager - easy to use program to work with hard disk partitions. With it you can manage and optimize the hard drive of your PC or laptop. For optimal configuration of hard disk you do not need to have special skills. With Paragon Partition Manager to work very simply. The program will show the current status of your drives, as well as any of their sections. You can easily change partition structure with multiple masters, to prepare a new hard drive to install the operating system, change the boundaries of the system partition, change partition parameters or perform professional-level disk defragmentation. Even the most difficult tasks for the partitioning will be performed quickly and safely by using more efficient technologies company Paragon.

6. DrWeb Live CD on 12/10/2009
Dr.WebR LiveCD - it is an antivirus solution to restore the system shown in inoperable by the actions of viruses or any malicious software.

Information about the software
Year: 2009-10-12
Version: 4.0-P
Developer: afin
Compatibility with Vista: Yes

On the file:
Language: Russian + English
Tabletka: Not required
Size: 1.36 Gb
Platform: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Linux

CRC32: DD38E892
MD5: BFF3BB272F643FDD2028FC82AD68CF65
SHA-1: 7E9C3FDC298F31D813DF9F2CFB5011311E9C4488

Link download ((RS & HF & FF)

SoftLabPortable v.2.1 - Antivirus and security systems | 730MB

A unique collection of portable progamma that can make your PC impregnable fortress. Includes 3 sections: "Antivirus", "Antitroyany" and "System protection and control applications." All programs can be used to check periodically for viruses and other "evil" for their own computer or simply burn them to a stick and clean up your computer friend "teapot", while you do not need to install it into the system and install additional software, no keys, and serial numbers to them. Includes anti-virus software and utilities Kaspersky 2010, Eset NOD32, Dr.WEb, McAfee, a-Squared, ClamWin, VirusKeeper, Solo, Microsoft, Norman, Lavasoft AdAware, Spybot SD, Malwarebytes, Iobit, Spyware Terminator, Trojan Remover, SuperAntiSpyware, Anvir Task Manager, WinPatrol, Security Task Manager, and others. An indispensable tool for every advanced user who has the care of their security. Many of the programs have a Russian interface.

When you point to each of the programs in this set, you can read a brief description - this will help orient among programs, even for beginners. Many of the programs have a Russian interface
Not recommended to run anti-virus Kaspersky, if it is already installed on your computer. This does not apply to Kaspersky Removal Tool.
Title: SoftLabPortable - Antivirus and security systems
Version: 2.1
Language: English + Russian
Tablet: Not required (portable)

Full list of programs that are included in the assembly:
ClamWin 0.95.2 rev2
Kaspersky Removal Tool
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.0.417
NOD32 OnDemand Scanner
Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 (
Kaspersky AntiVirus 2010 (9.0)
PC Media Antivirus PCMAV 2.0
Simple Machine Protect 1.9.4
Solo Antivirus 8.0.5
McAfee Avert Stinger
VirusKeeper Cleaner 9.0.1
Microsoft Malicious Removal 2.14
Msn Virus Cleaner

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 8.0.7
Spybot Search & Destroy
Trojan Remover 6.81.2588
SpyHunter Security Suite 3.9.25
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.41
IObit Security 360 2.1
Spyware Nuker XT
Super AntiSpyware Pro
Norman Malware Cleaner
Spyware Cease 5.03
Spyware Terminator

System protection and control applications
AnVir Task Manager 6.0
ESET SysInspector 1.2.012
Spyware Process Detector 3.14
Security Task Manager 1.7e
WinPatrol Plus 16.0.2009
Rogue Remover Pro 1.17
USB Disk Security

Link download (RS & HF & FF)
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Antivirus AIO 2009 by Ronakt | 299MB

# Avg 8.0
# Avast Pro 4.8
# Bit Defender Total Security 2009
# Kaspersky 2009
# Eset NOD32 4.0
1.Go to the Antivirus Aio folder.
2.Now run the file antivirus.exe

Link download: (RS & HF & FF)

Tecplot 360 2009 R2 ISO Win32/64 Linux32/64 OSX32/64 Solaris64 | 1 GB

Tecplot 360 gets you answers faster, helping you to quickly plot and animate your data exactly the way you want. Using just one tool, you can analyze complex data, arrange multiple layouts, and communicate your results with professional images and animations. Of all the CFD visualization tools available, Tecplot 360 is easiest to use and offers the most visually powerful output.

Tecplot 360 is a numerical simulation and CFD visualization software that combines vital engineering plotting with advanced data visualization into one tool. It allows you to quickly plot and animate all your data exactly the way you want, as well as analyze complex data, arrange multiple layouts, and communicate your results with professional images and animations. Tecplot 360 also helps save time and effort by automating routine tasks.

Link download ( FF & LB-LetItBit & TB- TurboBit & HF)

Paragon Drive Backup 9 Personal | 241 MB

Paragon Drive Backup 9 Personal - protect your computer, prevent incorrect behavior of programs or system failure, and save your data. This multifunctional tool for creating disk images and backup to easily restore your system after a failure. The program also optimizes computer memory that your system can run at maximum speed.

Combines the two approaches to backups: is it possible to create a backup of the entire system or only selected files and documents.
Convenient setup backup to rid yourself of headaches and ensure reliable protection of your data.
Restore Windows Vista / XP on any type of computer equipment, even on virtual machines.
Full package to restore the system on a USB flash card
Use this tool to complete, so be prepared for unexpected trouble.

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB)
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Windows 7 Alchemist R2 | 2,46 GB

* ISO Size: 2.46 GB
* Based on Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit (RTM).
* Updated with latest hotfixes and patches.
* Patched uxtheme files for 3rd party themes support.
* Enabled Dremescene ( Dreamscene videos not included )
* Included Utilities
* New look with themes, icons, logon screen.
* New Logon screen ( logon changer included in start menu ).
* New default Icons.
* Backup of original Win 7 system files in desktop folder with instructions (if you don't like the predefined look-which took me lot of effort to change everything by hand)
* Automatic Activation ( Extra new activators included in desktop folder if it won't get activated automatically at first logon ).
* Tweaked for better performance (UAC Disabled, Take Ownership, Show File Extensions etc).
* Added extra applications.
During Setup will be asked to enter Product/Serial Key, skip that screen don't touch anything else - press on next.


-Comparing to first edition Windows 7 Alchemist Ultimate, this OS kept more components and is still smaller in size.
-Media Center, and All languages are not removed.
-Look is modded with very popular icons made by Brsev and improved aero style. For those that want to return to default Win 7 look there is backup folder in desktop folder "amc" with instructions inside.
-Little "unkown" folder bug on desktop from previous version is removed
- All important Microsoft updates/hotfixes are pre-installed, not necessary to install additional from desktop
- Parallel Administrator account is removed, so user is automatically with admin rights
- Extra themes addon is removed because of bug, messing the default Win 7 themes. Instead few popular new themes are added manually. Can install own themepacks as the system is uxtheme patched

Removed components

;# Accessories #
Games-Inbox Games
Games-Premium Inbox Games
Speech Support
Welcome Center
;# Multimedia #
Music and Video samples
Sample Pictures
;# System #
Natural Language

Services tweaked to manual or disabled:

FAX = Disabled
MCX2SVC = Automatic
WBIOSRVC = Disabled
WINDEFEND = Disabled
WSEARCH = Disabled

Services can be manipulated ("automatic", "enabled", "disabled") on start-run (or accessories-command prompt) - type services.msc. Or can use tweaking apps. Some useful apps can be found in this OS in desktop folder "amc"

Microsoft updates integrated:


With new hotfixes integrated Build 7600.16385 of Win 7 RTM core is updated to 7600.16399

Addons integrated:

DreamScene for Windows 7 (also reg tweak to accept DScene)
Logon Changer
Firefox 3.5.3
Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
Adobe Shockwave Player
Autoruns 9.55_Windows7 Control Panel AddOn
CCleaner 2.24.1010
CPU-Z 1.52.2 x86 Windows7 Control Panel AddOn
CoreTemp x86 Windows7 Control Panel Add On
DVD Decrypter
Foxit Reader
GPU-Z 0.3.5 Windows7 Control Panel AddOn
HDTune Windows7 Control Panel AddOn
HWMonitor Windows7 Control Panel AddOn
Java Runtime 6 Update 16
Microsoft HoldEm 6.0.6000.17034
Microsoft Silverlight 3.0.40818.0
PC Wizard 2009.1.9.0 Windows7 Control Panel AddOn
RunAlyzer Windows7 Control Panel AddOn
Startup Control Panel 2.8 Windows7 Control Panel A ddOn
SnakeCracker's SideBar Gadgets
Termsrv Patch

Silent Aplications and Hotfixes integrated

installed during phase "windows is finalizing your settings":

DirectX9 August
RedDXManaged 1.1.0
Firefox PluginWMP
Win7codecs v138
msn Live Messenger 9 X86
vcredist x86
PlayReadyPCKB971012v13 hotfix
Windows-KB890830-v2.14-x86 hotfix
Windows6.1-KB970363-x86 hotfix

Few popular Theme Packs are integrated:

Dark 7 Mix
Harmony 7 Blue
Adriano Dark
Leopard OS
Windows 7 RED


Project Alchemist Dock®

Token Icons by Brsev integrated in shell
More icons for Dock are in Windows/Icons folder
Read the beginning of the post how, if like, to return to default Win 7 look

Enjoy !

Link download ( HF & LB & TB & FF)

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise SP2 (Update 13.10.2009)

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise SP2 (Update 13.10.2009) | 1.05 GB

Description: The Suite Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 includes:
• Microsoft Office Excel 2007
• Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
• Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
• Microsoft Office Word 2007
• Microsoft Office Access 2007
• Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007
• Microsoft Office Publisher 2007
• Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
• Microsoft Office Groove 2007
Extras. Information: It is possible to select components to install.
The default is:
• Microsoft Office Excel 2007
• Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
• Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
• Microsoft Office Word 2007
• Microsoft Office Access 2007
Integrated Co2 + all updates on the 13.10.2009 (last date).
List of updates:

Language: RUS

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF)
http://www.ziddu.com/download/692641... 09_.txt.html

Black Rodger Multi Flash Live (12.10.2009) | 2.38 GB

Load flesh-assembling for testing, renewal of the personal COMPUTER. Based on Grub4dos. The file system on flesh must be necessarily any FAT not NTFS!!! (in case with NTFS switching does not work between loaded Windows Live CD and changing of menu).

Acronis BootCD Reanimator v6.2009
Paragon HDD Manager 2009
Gparted Live
Hiren's BootCD v10 22.09.2009
QuickTech Pro v.5.8
MemTest v.2.11
Victoria v.3.52
Kaspersky RescueCD (11.10.2009)
Dr.Web Live CD (11.10.2009)
Alkid Live CD&USB Full
Recovery BartPE Live BootCD by Vincome
Nerv OS RC6
Puppy Linux
Slax 6

and more......

md5: 9001f5509b411074c6458ac2ed6f69f

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF)

Intel C Plus Plus Compiler Professional v11.1.048-SPYRAL | 1.03Gb

The Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition 11.1 for Windows delivers advanced capabilities for development of application parallelism and winning performance for the full range of Intel processor-based platforms. It includes the compiler's breadth of advanced optimization, multithreading, and processor support, as well as automatic processor dispatch, vectorization, and loop unrolling. It also has highly optimized C++ templates for parallelism, math processing, and multimedia libraries.

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM-SharingMatrix)
http://www.ziddu.com/download/692809...___ .txt.html
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Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Professional v11.1.048-SPYRAL | 611Mb

The Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Professional Edition 11.1 delivers advanced capabilities for development of application parallelism and winning performance for the full range of Intel processor-based platforms. It includes the compiler's breadth of advanced optimization, multithreading, and processor support, as well as automatic processor dispatch, vectorization, and loop unrolling. It also includes optimized math processing functions in the Intel Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL).

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM)

Reallusion iClone 4 Pro | 516 MB

Real-time animation evolves with 3D Video FX, motion paths, HDR and rapid drag & drop creation inside iClone4. iClone4 introduces new features that combine video production with 3D real-time
animation. The result is a powerful production tool for motion graphics, 3D animation and video compositing.

New features include:

* Real-time Video textures & 3D/Video compositing
* Drag-&-Drop editing for rapid scene creation
* Edit and animate any non-human character type, including animals, creatures, cartoon figures
* Real-time Facial Animation for puppeteering
* Motion Paths for props, cameras,particle FX & actors
* HDR & Image-based lighting atmosphere FX
* Enhanced spring dynamics, water and particle effects

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:

* Pentium4 2GHz
* 2GB free hard disk space
* Display Resolution: 1024 x 768
* Color Depth: True Color (32-bit)
* Graphics Card*: Support for DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0
* Video Memory: 256MB RAM

Recommended System Requirements: (iClone will have better performance in below recommended environment.)

* Dual core CPU or higher
* 2GB RAM or higher recommended
* 2GB free hard disk space or higher recommended
* Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
* Graphics Card: nVIDIA GeForce 8 Series or higher / ATI HD 3000 Series or higher
* Video Memory: 512MB RAM or higher recommended
* Video card compatible with Pixel Shader 3.0 recommended for optimized visual performance

Additional Requirements:

* Sound card / Keyboard / Mouse / Speaker
* 3-button mouse
* DirectX 9 and WMEncoder 9 are required for WMV exporting
* Internet connection required for online activation

Operating System Requirements:

* Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (With Service Pack 2 or later)
* Support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating system



1. Run "setup.exe" (located in the Install folder)
to install the application.

2. See Serials.txt (located in the "Crack" folder)
to license it. (ThanX to EDGE for the keys)

3. Disable the Live Updater by double-clicking
"Update_Kill.reg" (located in the "Crack" folder).

You can also disable the live updater on the registry level manually:

A. Run regedit and browse to:

B. Locate registry entry "Check Update" and change the "1" to a 0.
(Right-click "Check Update", select "Modify", change 1 to 0,then click "OK")

C. Close regedit.

4. Extract "IC4_Resource_Pack.rar" to the iClone 4 Template folder.
The default path is: C:Program FilesReallusioniClone 4Template
When asked if you wish to overwrite files, choose "Yes to all".

...and as always, ENJOY this fine release!

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF- DepositFiles)

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio v9.0 SP4 Full CD Multilingual | 477MB

The Wilcom ES products are positioned at the top of the embroidery design market. Amongst professional embroidery digitizers, the superiority of Wilcom products is based on the stitch quality of manufactured designs together with ES Designer's ease-of-use.

Usability has been the main theme of the ES 2006 development. The new release contains major improvements in the design and layout of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) which offer excellent productivity benefits.

Armed with the complete power of Wilcom ES, level 65 is the only choice for the advanced digitizer.
Encompassing Wilcom’s complete range of embroidery lettering, editing and digitizing tools, Wilcom ES level 65 contains as standard superior Chenille embroidery and stunning automated Sequin design tools.

Productivity and efficiency are the main focus of Level 65. Crafted to support high-volume embroidery, time-saving tools such as Mirror-Merge, Fusion Fill and Color Blending complement an easy-to-use interface designed to give you maximum power.

Fusion Fill eliminates the need for multiple objects. This tool allows you to create a single, complex object with multiple stitch angles, and even holes. It is perfect for designs containing complicated, turning shapes or large filled areas.

Advanced Digitizing - stunning sequins
For some time the European market in particular has seen the sale of machines with new sequin capabilities. With the popularity of sequin design increasing, ES Designer now provides a dedicated set of Sequin tools which allow you to digitize sequin designs quickly and easily.

Create sequin runs along digitized lines, either placing sequins manually or allowing ES to automatically space sequins for you. User control allows for sequin spacing and size to be easily changed. Select from a palette of sequin shapes and fixing stitch styles, plus color your sequins to achieve a realistic TrueView preview.
Stitching sequence of the fixing stitch and drop-sequin command is automatically controlled by Wilcom ES to ensure correct sewing sequence and head movement on the machine.

Industry leading Chenille
Wilcom Chenille offers an array of quality Chenille digitizing tools and stitch types. Select between professional Chenille stitch types such as Straight Stitch, Island Coil or Perpendicular. Chain, Moss and Needle Height functions are supported in Wilcom allowing for even greater creativity.

For a quality finish, enclose your Chenille objects with Compound Chenille border. Customize your Compound Chenille border with Chain or Moss stitch to achieve the desired effect.

Advanced Digitizing - Transform and shape your designs
Use Shaping tools to weld, combine and flatten embroidery or vector objects. Ideal for processing overlapping drawings or embroidery objects, Shaping tools will save you editing and digitizing time. Optionally create an overlap to ensure your newly processed objects sew correctly on the machine without unwanted gaps.

Mirror-Merge automatically repeats whole designs or elements to create intricate, artistic patterns in seconds. Repeat an emblem design to generate cost and time-effective sewing sequences, or duplicate and combine simple objects into elaborate wreaths. Mirror-Merge automatically sequences each color block to eliminate unnecessary machine color changes.

Advanced Digitizing - Creative effects
Color Blending creates exciting perspective, shading and color effects by blending colored layers. From sunsets to wood grain effects, capturing realism in your design has never been so simple.
Convert a simple fill object into a design centerpiece with User Defined Split. Digitize your own ‘split lines’ to add detail and depth to filled objects.

OS : Windows 2000 & XP Reccomended, Vista
FILES : 477mb
LANGUAGE: Multilingual
FIX : Crack

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF)
http://www.ziddu.com/download/694063...OST.t xt.html

Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 Lite Win 7 Style (2009/ENG) | 958 MB

Your attention is invited to build for those who like the user interface of Windows 7, but prefer Windows Vista, suggesting that it is not necessary to switch to Win 7 only because of one interface. Therefore, this assembly has been established, founded on the original image of Windows Vista SP2 x86, includes all the recent updates, tweaks, and also assigned to the interface completely repeating Windows 7 and the integrated extra sounds, wallpapers, themes. System is fully operational, stable and tested.

What's new in the assembly:


- Accessibility
- Games
- Speech support
- Welcome center

- Display adapters
- Diva Server
- Modems
- Printers
- Scanners
- Tv tunners

Hardware Support:
- Fax Support
- Internet small computer system interface (iscsi)
- Smartcards
- Windows Mobile Device center
- Windows Portable Devices

Languages (keyboard languages support Still Included!):
- Japanese
- Korean
- Simplified chinese
- Table Driven text Input Processor
- Traditional chinese

- Media Center
- Movie and dvd maker
- Music and video samples
- Sample pictures

- Connect to network projector
- Internet information services
- Remote desktop and assistance
- Windows collaboration
- Windows mail

- Diagnostics
- Distributed link tracking client
- Error reporting
- Microsoft dfs replication
- Offline files
- Remote registry
- Windows remote management
- Windows search

- Bitlocker drive encryption
- Disk defragmenter
- Help
- Malcious software removal
- Manual install
- Microsoft Agent
- Natural language
- Parental controls
- Performance counters
- Reliability and performance monitor
- Remote differential compression
- Security center
- Sync center
- Tablet pc
- Windows defender (Useless!)
- Windows easy transfer
- Zip folder.

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF)
http://www.ziddu.com/download/694173...ENG.txt.ht ml
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Hallmark Card Studio 2010 Deluxe DVD-RedTiSO | 3.8Gb

For nearly 100 years Hallmark has been designing greeting cards for life’s special moments. Hallmark Card Studio 2009 Deluxe extends this tradition, making it easy to create one-of-a kind- Hallmark cards as unique as the people you care for.
In three easy steps you can add personal photos, customize sentiments and print your special card. It’s the fast, easy and fun way to create distinctive Hallmark cards for any occasion - birthdays to anniversaries, Christmas to Valentine’s Day!
But cards are just the beginning. Commemorate events and bridge the miles between family and friends with custom calendars, photo frames, postcards, stationery, invitations, scrapbooks, certificates and more. With Card Studio Deluxe 2009, new projects, such as Photo Calendars, add to the many ways Hallmark helps you be creative and stay in touch
Even send personalized Hallmark E-Cards using a selection from our pre-recorded sounds for any occasion. Or add yourown recorded sounds and WAV files for an extra personal touch.

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF)

Ashampoo Softwares Collection (Updated 15/10/2009) | 343 MB

1. Ashampoo Burning Studio 9.20
2. Ashampoo ClipFinder HD 2.06
3. Ashampoo Core Tuner 1.20
4. Ashampoo FireWall 1.20
5. Ashampoo HDD Control 1.10
6. Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 3.20
7. Ashampoo Magical Defrag 2.34
8. Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 3.03
9. Ashampoo Office 2008 3.10
10. Ashampoo Photo Commander 7.21
11. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 3.03
12. Ashampoo PowerUp 3.23
13. Ashampoo UnInstaller
14. Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2
15. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 6.50
16. Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 Theme Pack 1.00
17. Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 1.0.2

Updates on 15/10/2009:
- Updated program Ashampoo Burning Studio 9
- Added program Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD
- Updated program Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 3
- Updated keys

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF)
http://www.ziddu.com/download/695496...___. txt.html

USB Applications Collection 10.2009 (2009/ENG/RUS) | 2.41 GB

In the eight categories (internet, office, photos, security, sound system, video, web-design) are the most demand and the required USB-program (portable), which will satisfy all your daily requirements computer.
Year: 2009
Language: ENG / RUS
Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7 (x86/x64)

- Mozilla Firefox
- Mozilla Thunderbird
- Internet Explorer
- Skype
- Yahoo Messenger
- Windows Live Messenger
- Bitcommet
- Utorrent
- Flashget
- Filezilla

- Abbyy Scan To Office
- All Office Converter Platinum
- Atlantis Word
- MS Office 2003
- MS Office 2007
- Open Office

- ACD See
- Adobe Photoshop CS4
- Comic Life Deluxe
- Dynamic Photo HDR
- Easy Gif Animator
- Illustrator CS4
- Label Print
- Photo Morph
- Photofiltre Studio
- Surething CD Labeler

- AD-Aware
- Avast
- NOD 32
- Registry Mechanic
- Spyware Terminator
- Trojan Remover

- DJ Music Mixer
- Sound Forge
- Win Amp

- 7-Zip
- Acrobat Reader
- Aida 32
- Alarm Clock
- Alcohol
- Autoplay Media Studio
- CD-DVD Data Recovery
- Cool PDF Reader
- Deep Burner
- Defrag Express
- ISO Creator
- Key Finder Thing
- Mail Pass View
- Nero Burning Rom
- Partition Magic
- Password Protect USB
- PC Icon Extractor
- PDF Password Remover
- Portable powerpack
- Power ISO
- Rainlendar Pro
- Smart PC Suite
- Tag And Rename
- Total Commander
- Tuneup Utilities
- Ultra Iso
- UninstallerPro
- Visual Basic 6
- Win Zip

- 1 Click DVD Copy
- 4-Media HD Video Converter
- BS Player
- DVD Shrink
- ImTOO MPEG Encoder
- Media Player Classic
- Power Dvd
- TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress
- Ultra Video Converter
- Vegas Studio

- Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
- Adobe Fireworks CS3
- Adobe Flash CS3
- Flash Intro and Banner Maker
- Xara 3D
- Xara Photo Designer
- Xara Xtreme Pro

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF)
http://www.ziddu.com/download/695509...___.t xt.html
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Experience: 32%

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus & Internet Security Software Collection Multilanguage - Updated 15.10.2009 | 1.15GB

Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Internet Security provides a qualitatively new level of protection for your PC through the optimal combination of traditional antivirus technology and modern proactive methods. Products easy to install and configure, they provide a greater opportunity to adapt the work under the individual needs of users. Programs differ not only integrate seamlessly with the family of operating systems Microsoft Windows, but compatibility with other software to protect personal computers.

Contents Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software Collection:

1) Kaspersky Anti-Virus English
2) Kaspersky Anti-Virus Russian
3) Kaspersky Anti-Virus German
4) User's Guide on these three languages

5) Kaspersky Anti-Virus English
6) Kaspersky Anti-Virus Russian
7) Kaspersky Anti-Virus German
8) User Manuals for these three languages

9) Kaspersky Anti-Virus English
10) Kaspersky Anti-Virus German
11) Kaspersky Anti-Virus Russian
12) User Guides for these three languages

13) Kaspersky News Agent 1.1 English
14) Kaspersky News Agent 1.1 Russian
15) Kaspersky News Agent 1.1 German
16) User Guides for these three languages

17) Drugs (all versions have their own keys and Trial Reset)

Contents Kaspersky Internet Security Software Collection:

1) Kaspersky Internet Security English
2) Kaspersky Internet Security Russian
3) Kaspersky Internet Security German
4) User's Guide on these three languages

5) Kaspersky Internet Security English
6) Kaspersky Internet Security Russian
7) Kaspersky Internet Security German
8) User Manuals for these three languages

9) Kaspersky Internet Security English
10) Kaspersky Internet Security German
11) Kaspersky Internet Security Russian
12) User Guides for these three languages

13) Kaspersky News Agent 1.1 English
14) Kaspersky News Agent 1.1 Russian
15) Kaspersky News Agent 1.1 German
16) User Guides for these three languages

17) Drugs (all versions have their keys, their Trial Reset, as well as various additional tools, such as Kaspersky Updater)

Detailed description:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides a qualitatively new level of protection for your PC through the optimal combination of traditional antivirus technology and modern proactive methods. The product is easy to install and configure, it provides ample opportunities to adapt the work under the individual needs of users. The program is distinguished not only integrate seamlessly with the family of operating systems Microsoft Windows, but compatibility with other software to protect personal computers (eg, firewalls). New features: Checking e-mail and Internet traffic on the fly; Proactive defense against new malicious programs; complex technologies optimize antivirus scanning Protection from new types of malware "rootkit"; Automatic database updates. The main functions: Protection from viruses, Trojans and worms Protection from spyware, adware and other malicious software, virus checking of data on any types of removable media; Testing and Treatment of archived files; Follow up of dangerous macros in documents Microsoft Office; Cancel unwanted changes on your computer.

Kaspersky News Agent 1.1 - the official news agent of Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Updater with GUI - update utility designed to download and save to a separate directory updates databases and application modules of Kaspersky Lab. C it means you can download updates for selected Kaspersky Lab applications installed on your network or home computer. The utility has the ability to save the downloaded database and avtopatchi a local folder, a network directory, which is connected as a drive to the file system on your computer, or on flash-media. Utility updates and articles in this section are provided in test mode! In distributing the program added GUI-interface (a screenshot) - very handy thing!

KL Key Viewer - the program for viewing keys. See screenshot for more details.

Skins - the theme for Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Distributed versions, there are instructions for installation.

Additional Information:
Updated keys according to the blacklist on 15/10/2009

Year: 2007-2009
Developer: Kaspersky Lab
Language: English + Russian + German
Tabletka: Present

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF)

Collector Bootable Iso-Images on the Basis GRUB4DOS (2009) | 704MB

Building constructed on the basis of universal and powerful boot GRUB4DOS, which when booting from the CD / DVD loads a nice menu (which can easily be edited) and allows you to boot from any device or image. Ie on Grub4Dos you can make a convenient and powerful resuscitation CD / DVD. There is an opportunity "to tie" to your boot disk resuscitation program (such as Acronis BootCD, Hiren's BootCD, various BartPE and so on). This project will find detailed and understandable manuals!
Year: 2009
System Requirements: 700 GHz 32-bit (x86), 512 MB of RAM memory
Language: English / Russian
Tabletka: Not required

Included soft:
1.Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2009
2.Dr.Web LiveCD
3.Acronis True Image 11 + Disk Director 10
2.Acronis True Image HOME 12 (build 9769)
4.PLoP Boot Manager
5.Offline NT / Vista password and registry editor
6.Puppy Linux 4.2.1
7.RusLive RAM Mini (Mini-XP)

Additional software:
1.Total commander 7.5a final
2.Alcohol 120% v.
4. Utility "HDHacker".

Instruction and working principle:
Mount the iso-???? and copy the contents of the disk in any folder in the light of that free space would require twice the size of the downloaded image. There you will have a folder "great_boot-iso_grub4dos". This is a project for quick and easy creation of bootable iso-images. Then read the manual attached to the project.

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF)

Wondershare DVD Product Collection AIO | 133MB

Product: Wondershare DVD Product Collection
Format: AIO
Wondershare Original: Yes
Released: Final
Language: English Chinese
PC File Size: 614MB

The AIO contain this software, whit serial:

DVD Audio Ripper
DVD Slideshow Builder
DVD to 3GP Ripper
DVD to Apple TV Ripper
DVD to AVI Converter
DVD to BlackBerry Converter
DVD to Flash Converter
DVD to Gphone Converter
DVD to iPhone Converter
DVD to iPod Ripper
DVD to iRiver Converter
DVD to Mobile Phone Converter
DVD to MP4 Converter
DVD to Netbook Converter
DVD to PSP Ripper
DVD to Walkman Converter
DVD to Wii Converter
DVD to WMV Converter
DVD to Zune Ripper
Pocket DVD Ripper

Launch the application, select the program wich do you want to install and enjoy!

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF)

Best SoftWare 2009 Mini Pack | 3,2 GB

Here's a mini pack with new programs in 2009 ... These programs are very useful

Check the list of pack containing:

1Click DVD Copy 2009 Cracked
1Click DVD Copy Pro 2009 Cracked
Able2Doc Professional 2009 V5.0 Cracked
Able2Extract Professional 2009 V6.0 Cracked
Absolute Sound Recorder V3.7.6 + Serial
Ace Utilities 2009 V5.1.0 (32+64-bits) + Serial
Acoustica Mixcraft v4.1.b93 + Serial -
Active Desktop Calendar 7.80 + Serial .
Adobe Presenter v7.0 + Serial
Advanced System Optimizer 2009 V2.20.4.762 + Serial
AnyTV Pro 2009 4.32 Cracked
Ap PDF To Image Converter v3.5 + Serial
Ashampoo AntiSpyWare 2.10 Multilanguage + Serial
Ashampoo Burning Studio V9.12 + Serial
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 6.30 Multilanguage + Serial
Atomix Virtual DJ Pro v6.0.1 + Serial
Atomix Virtual DJ Professional 5.0 Cracked
Atomix Virtual DJ Professional 6.0.1 2009 Cracked
Audio Studio Gold v7.4.0.10 + Serial
Auto-RadioX 1.0
Auto-RadioX 1.0 update
AV Voice Changer Software Gold 7.0.15 + Serial
Avast Anti-Virus Professional Edition V4.8.1335.0 2009 + Serial
Avast AntiVirus 2009 Pro v4.8.1351.0 + Serial
AVG Anti-Virus 2009 V8.5.0.416 + Serial (License 2018 valid)
AVG Antivirus Pro 8.5.412 [EXPIRES 2018] + Serial
AVG Internet Security 2009 V8.5.0.416 + Serial (License 2018 valid)
AVG Internet Security 8.5.284 [EXPIRES 2018] + Serial
AVG Internet Security 8.5.285 [EXPIRES 2018] + Serial
AVG Internet Security 8.5.412 [EXPIRES 2018] + Serial
AVS Video Converter 2009 Cracked
Backup To DVD CD 5.1.239 + Serial
Barcode Maker 2009 v5.85 Cracked
Blaze Media Pro Cracked
BS Player PRO v2.43.1008 2010 + Serial
BS Player Pro v2.43.1008 Multilingual + Serial
CloneCD 2009 Cracked
CloneDVD 2009 V4.3.0.3 Cracked
CuteFTP V8.3.2 Professional Cracked
Data Doctor Recovery - Memory Card Recovery 2009 V4.0.1.6 + Serial
Driver Checker 2.7.3 Datecode 2009 + Serial
Driver Genius Pro 2009 v9.0.0.178 + Serial
Driver Genius Pro Edition 2009 v9.0.0.180 + Serial
DVDFab Platinum 2009 v6.0.7.0 Cracked
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional v4.3.6 Cracked
Error Repair Professional 4.0.0 + Serial
Error Repair Professional v4.0.3 + Serial folder 12.10.2009 01:45:04
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2009 4 V4.0.437 (32-bit) + NEW USER AND PASS! (100% Work 05.02.2010)
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2009 4 V4.0.437 (64-bit) + NEW USER AND PASS! (100% Work 05.02.2010)
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 V4.0.437 (32+64-Bit) + NEW USER AND PASS! 100% Work 05.02.2010
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 V4.0.437 (32+64-Bit) + Serial folder 12.10.2009 01:45:00 -
ESET Smart Security 4 V4.0.43 (32+64-Bit) + NEW USER AND PASS! (100% Work 05.02.2010)
Excel Invoice Manager 2009 v2.10.1016 + Serial
FantasyDVD Player Platinum 2009 V9.8.2.911 + Serial
FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.72.0409 + Serial
FLAV FLV to MP3 Converter V2.58.12 + Serial
FLV to AVI MPEG WMV 3GP MP4 iPod Converter V5.2.0603 + Serial
Folder Lock V6.3.0 + Serial folder 12.10.2009 01:46:24 -
Fox Video Studio v8.1.8.1025 + Serial
Foxit PDF Editor 2.1.0702 + Serial
Foxit Reader Pro 2009 v3.1.1.901 Cracked
Fraps Cracked
Fraps V2.9.9 Cracked -
Genie Backup Manager Professional 2009 8.0.354.524 + Serial
GoldWave v5.52 + Serial
Google Earth 2009 v5.0 GPS Support Cracked folder
Google Earth 5.0 + GPS Support Hack- Cracked
Google Earth Online 1.0 folder 12.10.2009 01:47:08
Google Earth Plus 5.0.11733.9347 Original Version Cracked
Google TV BOX 2010 + Serial
Google TV BOX 2010 + Serial -
Hamrick VueScan Professional v8.5.20 + Serial
ID USB Lock Key 2009 V3.5.0.0 Cracked
ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer 2009 V2.1.37 + Serial
ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer v2.1.37 + Serial
ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer V2.1.37.0806 2009 + Serial
Infallsoft Screen Capture Standard 2.53 + Serial
Internet Business Promoter 2009 V11.6 Cracked
Internet Download Manager 2009 v5.18 Cracked
Internet Download Manager v5.18 Precracked [Silent Install]
iPod Copy 7.49 [Pc To Your iPod] + Serial
iPodCopy V8.10 + Serial
IsoBuster PRO 2.6 Alpha Build + Serial
Kaspersky AntiVirus 2010 v9.0.0.463 x86-x64 (FINAL APPLICATION) + New Keys!
Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 + Serial folder 12.10.2009 01:44:50 -
Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 v9.0.0.459 Final Keys
Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 V9.0.0.463 + Working Keys (Updated September)
Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 v9.0.0.463 x86-x64 (FINAL APPLICATION) + New Keys!
KeyScrambler Professional + Serial
Lottery Manager 2009 V2.0.3322 Cracked
Magic Video Converter v8.5.10.189 + Serial
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 2009 v1.41 + Serial
mIRC 2009 V6.35 Final Cracked
Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2009 v1.1.1 Cracked
Nitro PDF Professional Cracked
OJOsoft Total Video Converter + Serial
Password Protect USB 3.6.2 Cracked
PC Tools Disk Suite 2009 Ghost007 + Serial
PC Tools File Recover V7.5.0.15 + Serial
PDF to Word Converter 3.0 + Serial
PDF Unlocker v2.0 Cracked
PDF-XChange Viewer PRO + Serial
PDF2HTML v2.0 + Serial
Pen Drive Data Recovery 2009 V4.0.1.6 + Serial
Photo Art Studio 2009 V2.27 + Serial
Photo DVD Maker Pro 2009 V8.04 Cracked
Photo DVD Maker Professional 2009 V8.05 + Serial
Photo DVD Maker Professional 8.03 + Serial
Photo Effects 2009 V1.87 + Serial
Power Archiver 2010 11.50.58 Pre-Release + Serial
Power CD DVD Recovery 2009 V2.1.1 + Serial
Power Data Recovery 2009 v4.6 Cracked
Power MP3 Cutter Joiner V1.12 + Serial
PowerArchiver 2010 V11.50.66 + Serial
PowerISO 4.5 + Serial
Rapidshare Search Engine 1.0
RAR Password Recovery Magic V6.1.1.11 + Serial
RAR Password Unlocker 3.0 Cracked
Registry Clean Expert 2009 v4.73 + Serial
Registry Mechanic + Serial
SandBoxIE 3.38 + Serial
Satellite TV for PC 2008 Cracked
Snagit 2009 V9.1.2 + Serial
Solid PDF Converter 2009 v6.0 Cracked
SRS Audio Sandbox 2009 V1.9.0.4 Cracked
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V3.0.0.1 Cracked
Super Internet Tv 7.4 2009 Updated + Serial
Super Internet TV Online 1.0
Super Internet TV Premium Edition 2009 8.0 Updated octombrie + Serial
Super Internet TV Premium Edition v8.0 + Serial
Super Internet TV Premium Edition v8.0 2009 + Serial
Super Internet TV V8.0
SuperTV 5.42.8 + Serial
SWF Decompiler Premium + Serial
TeamViewer 2009 V4.1.6597 Cracked
Torrent-Search 1.0
Total Commander v7.50 RC1 Multilingual Cracked
Total Video Converter 2009 v3.50 Final Cracker
TouchCopy 09 v9.20 Cracked
Trillian Astra Pro 2009 Cracked
TuneUp Utilities 2009 8.0.3100.31 + Serial
TuneUp Utilities 2009 8.0.3300.1 + Serial
TuneUp Utilities 2009 v8.0.3100 + Serial
TuneUp Utilities 2009 V8.0.3300.1 (Update Septembrie) + Serial
TuneUp Utilities 2009 V8.0.3300.1 + Serial
TwistedBrush Pro Studio 16.01 + Serial
Ultra MKV Converter 3.2.0610 + Serial
UltraEdit + Serial
USB Disk Security 2009 V5.1.0.15 + Serial
USB Disk Security 2009 V5.2.0.5 + Serial
USB Flash Drive Data Recovery 2009 v7.0 Cracked
USB Safely Remove 2009 v4.1.5.800 Cracked
Video Avatar 2009 v4.0 Cracked f
VIP Organizer v2.9.1.3031 Cracked
Virtual Plastic Surgery Software 2009 V1.0.0.1571 Cracked
VMWare ThinApp v4.0.2.3089 + Serial
VSO ConvertXToDVD Multilanguage + Serial
VSO CopyToDVD 2009 v4.3.1.1 + Serial
VSO Image Resizer v2.2.2.1 + Serial
WebcamXP 2009 V5.3.4.252 + Serial
WebCamXP MultiLanguag + Serial
WebcamXP PRO + Serial
Winamp 5.56.2512 Pro Multi-national + Serial
Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.9.9.1 Cracked
Windows Live One Care 2009 V2.5.2744.0 Cracked
WinRAR v3.90 Final Cracked
WYSIWYG Web Builder v6.1 2009 + Serial
Xilisoft iPod Rip v1.0 + Serial
Xilisoft iPod Rip v2.1.37 + Serial
Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate V5.1.26.0904 2009 + Serial
XP Repair Pro 2009 4.0.6 + Serial
Youtube Music Downloader V2.8 + Serial

Every software is in the folder's description
Read files "Reame.txt" for help.

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF)
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thay đổi nội dung bởi: binhvt107cn0277, 10-19-2009 lúc 01:43 AM. Lý do: Hệ thống tự động gộp hai bài viết liền nhau trong khoảng thời gian 12 tiếng.
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Native Instruments Komplete 6 Disc 6 : Kontakt4 C | 7.08GB

The new collection offers a real arsenal of instruments and effects that cover all areas of modern music production, among them the powerful new version of Absynth 5, Guitar Rig 4 and Kontakt 4.
The latter includes the latest version of Komplete 5 Absynth, Guitar Rig 4, Kontakt 4 and older versions of Battery 3, FM 8, Masssive and Reaktor 5, with regard Elektrik Piano, he now enters a new 44 GB hard factory Library Kontakt 4 and Akoustik Piano, B4 II and Pro-53 are no longer part of Komplete in connection with the termination of their issuance and renewal of both individual instrumentov.V whole Komplete 6 includes a range consisting of 7000 preset sounds on the basis of 60 GB of high-quality audio.
content 7 dvdi will later
Disc1: Softwares
Disc2: Battery3 A
Disc3: Battery3 B
Disc4: Kontakt4 A
Disc5: Kontakt4 B
Disc6: Kontakt4 C
Disc7: Kontakt4 D
Disc8: Kontakt4 E

Hotfile is a good file hosting ! You need have a premium account to download faster.


RapidShare link:


FileFactory link:


DepositFiles link:


LetItBit link:


TurboBit link:


SharingMatrix link:


uGotFile link:


Video 3dfx Software collection 2010
Windows | 4.35 GB | Software | DVD

Detail contents:
Add Effect
Adobe Premiere
After. Effects.Apprentice
Afterburn v2.5B
Amabillis 3D Cancas 6.5.10
Animal Logic Maxm an v1.22
Anime Studio Pro v5.5
Asymetrix Digital Video Producer v5.0
Atmorex Fluids
Big Film FX
Boris Continum Cpmlete 4.0
Boris Factory v1
Boris Final Effects Complete 4.02
Boris Title ToolKit 1 .0
Boris FX v8
Boris Grafitti 4.02
Boris Red 3G
Cinemotion 1.1
Composite Suite Color Correction
Corel Bryce 5.1
Corel Bryce Lighting 5
Corel KPT Effect 7
Corel Photo Album Delux 6.0
Corel Professional Photos Creative Textures
CorelVentura 10
Creature Creator 1.5 for 3DsMAX
CyberMotion 3D0Designer 1 1.0
Digi Effects Cinelook 2.1
DigiEffects-Fantazm 1 .1
DigiMation Bones Pro22.01
Digimation DigiPeolpe 1.01 D
digiMation Head Designer
Digital AnarchyO3D Assistants 1.1 1
Digital Film Tools Fast Blur AVX
Digital Film ToolszMatte 2
Digital Film Tools
Efx Pyro
Eyon Fusion v5.21 Build 26
Film FX 3.2
Final FX Complete
FXhome Effectslab Pro 1.33.7
Human Being 2.0
Human Being 2.01for 3DsMAX 3.0 Update
Maximum 3D 4.1
MPEG-2 Editor v3.03
Particle I llusion Studio
Particle Media Fx 10
QuickDirt 1.02for 3DsMAX 3.0
RadioRay 1.0 for 3DsMAX
Skin FX 2.O4for 3DsMAX BB3D
Skin Vue 6.1 plus Poser & DAZ plug-ins
Softlmage XSI 7.0
Softlmage CAT v3.0 for 3DsMAX 8 X-Force
Softlmage CAT v3.0 for 3DsMAX9/64BlT
Ulead Vedio Studio Pro xl2
Ulead Media Studio 8
Vedio Edit Magic
Vedio Mach 2.63
Vedio Magic
Xara 3D 6.0

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF )

Tiffen Dfx For Photoshop v2.0 Mac | 175 MB

Based on the success of its original award-winning Dfx Digital Filter software, Tiffen now introduces Dfx v2 that now features multiple masking and layering capabilities with its Photoshop & Elements plug-ins and a host of other features including more than 2000 standard, exclusive and special effect filters. Creative control no one else can even come close to, and there's more!

* 1,000 new filters and special effects
* Masking and layering with Photoshop
* Layer opacity, masking and blur controls
* Enhanced color management
* Optimized batch processing
* Local language menus
* New, easy to use licensing system- exceptionally reliable

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF & UF- UGotFile & UB- UploadBox)

NTI Media Maker

NTI Media Maker | 195MB

Solid software package for burning CD and DVD-level programs like Nero and Easy Media Creator. In addition to burning discs of different types in the package provides capabilities to capture video and audio from different sources, tools for editing video and audio with the ability to add effects, video player with support for AVI, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, a virtual CD-ROM, a utility covers for CDs, etc.

The structure includes:
1. NTI HomeVideo Maker - capture, edit, and create your own movies!
2. Cinematic Video and Cinematic Slideshow - has edited together a large portion of your video & and automatically
add transitions & effects and even synchronize with your background music.
3. NTI Backup Now 5 Standard - will protect valuable video, photos, music and data files. Back up important
files on CD, DVD, and a data disc Blu-Ray, HDD, or even a server FTP.
4. NTI DVD Fit - Movies will reap double the level in the size of a single level, remove unwanted features,
and prozhget them, without having to break the film on two disks.
5. NTI Video Converter - convert videos for playback on iPod, PSP ™, Zune ™ and other portable
6. NTI Ripper - for offices and archiving music.
7. NTI Digital Jack - for playback of music collections.
8. NTI JewelCase Maker - Project setup disk image. Choose from a library of background images,
add text, add playlists automatically to design, create, and print your own
Insert CD Cover disc

Information about the program:
Platform | OC: Windows All
Language: English + Russian
Enabling | reg code: Is present
Archive Size: 195 MB
Added information recovery 5%

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF & UF- UGotFile & UB- UploadBox)

Capture One Pro v4.8.1 Mac

Capture One Pro v4.8.1 Mac | 185 MB

Capture One PRO is a RAW Workflow Software designed for the high volume digital photographers. It has all the tools and features that a professional needs. Phase One's RAW workflow is renowned in the top professional market for its excellent image quality and efficient workflow tools. Capture One PRO has unlimited batch capability, multiple output files from each conversion, color editor, IPTC support, additional camera support and more. With the highest conversion quality available today, and a workflow that has been praised world wide. Capture One PRO has clearly set standard for RAW conversion software.

Capture One PRO will take you from capture to final print within a few logical steps:

1. Apply appropriate color profile
2. Check focus (by means of the focus tool)
3. Tagging and sorting to quickly edit images
4. Adjust exposure contrast, color temp, noise and banding sliders
5. Rotate image to create level horizon
6. Scale image to size
7. Batch Process

Link download ( RS & HF & LB & TB & FF & SM & DF & UF- UGotFile & UB- UploadBox)
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DSS SolidWorks 2010 SP0.0 Multilanguage Editions Win3264

DSS SolidWorks 2010 SP0.0 Multilanguage Editions Win32/64 | 10.1 GB

At SolidWorks, we’re 100% focused on helping our customers work faster, be more efficient, and focus on design. Our products are sold in over 100 countries, serving the design community in fields ranging from machinery to electrical to education. Our products combine ease of use with advanced 2D and 3D design tools, helping you unleash your design creativity while completing more work in less time. SolidWorks software reduces CAD overhead because it’s simple to deploy, simple to use, and simple to maintain. SolidWorks lets you design the way you want. SolidWorks 2010 improves depth and performance by extending the DS SolidWorks tradition of including hundreds of new enhancements specifically requested by customers. It’s designed to provide every design team with an improved work experience that can bring you to new levels of success, regardless of industry.

Year: 2009
Version: 2010 SP0.0
Developer: DSS SolidWorks Corp
Platform: Windows XP h86/h64, Windows Vista h86/h64
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Tabletka: Present
Size: 10.15 GB

HomePage: www.solidworks.com

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Minutes Matter Studio

Minutes Matter Studio | 105MB

Minutes Matter Studio - a powerful graphics program designed for interior design. Easily create images window treatments and design the building plans, working in a single software environment. Explore the endless possibilities of digital rendering engine, adapted to your specific needs. This computer program develops the design process, saves you time during consultations and eliminates costly communication errors! Minutes Matter Studio offers the widest range of creative tools that help you produce extraordinary rendering. These creative tools include the feature of the use of layers, a promising tool, asymmetrical tool, transparency and the ability to add materials, wallpapers & textures. Immerse yourself in stunning virtual environment, which combines realism with artistic innovation for a variety of ideas and thoughts.
Are you spending hours redrawing sketches for your clients? Now you can offer a variety of design concepts with a click of a button! This design software maximizes the design process, saves hours of time during consultations, and eliminates costly communication errors! Every detail of the design can be evaluated before fabrication begins. With a digital representation, alterations and design concepts can be quickly developed without the costly expense of redrawing the treatment by hand. Once the illustration is finalized, simply add dimension lines to create a workroom and installation spec sheet.

Easily create custom window treatment illustrations and design floor plans all while working within a single program. Explore the endless possibilities of digital rendering tailored for your specific needs. This computer program maximizes the design process, saves hours of time during consultations and eliminates costly communication errors! Studio offers the broadest range of creative tools which will help you produce extraordinary renderings. These creative tools include the layering feature, perspective tool, skew tool, transparency tool and the ability to add fabric, wallpapers & textures. Immerse yourself in a stunning virtual environment which merges realism with artistic innovation to bring a sense of reality to your ideas.

Minutes Matter has unveiled new bundling options that provide greater flexibility and increased savings for your company. Save big while purchasing products that will grow your business and your profits!

These products are guaranteed to give you the same success story that we hear time and time again. We love what we do because we hear about the fabulous results when companies, like yours, implement our products. We know, you too, will have the same success that Kris, Carol, Linda, and Lurene have shared with us. You can read their personal testimonies on the left side of your screen. When you're ready, click on the above icons to learn more about these savings!

OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista
Interface: English
Size: 105.5 MB
Medicine in the archive

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Symantec Norton Ghost 14.0 + Recovery Disc | 274 MB

Norton Ghost 14.0 protects PCs-including all applications, settings, folders, and files-with advanced backup and recovery. It provides powerful protection with new features such as offsite backups and Symantec ThreatCon integration, as well as enhanced performance, one-to-one remote management, LightsOut Restore capability, and more.

With Norton Ghost 14.0, you have a choice of backup types: full system (disk image) or specific files and folders. Backups include encryption and error checking to help keep your data safe, while compression, incremental backups, and automatic backup file management minimize storage space. Plus, you can now copy recovery points to a FTP site for easier offsite backup management.

Norton Ghost 14.0 is ready whenever you need to recover, whether that involves restoring individual files or an entire system. The Software Recovery Disk allows you to start your computer, scan for viruses or hard disk errors, and start the recovery process even if your operating system won't start.

With the advanced tools included in Norton Ghost 14.0, you can take data protection to the next level. One-to-one remote management backs up other computers on your network that have Norton Ghost 12.0 or higher installed, and LightsOut Restore lets you install the Software Recovery Environment on your hard disk so you'll always be ready to recover. And now you can also take advantage of up-to-the-minute intelligence from Symantec's industry-leading Internet security research organization by having your backups automatically triggered whenever ThreatCon reaches a specified threat level.

Your PC drive now contains more than text files. There are contacts, financial documents, pictures, and (valuable) music and video downloads. They aren't as safe as you think. A glitch may accidentally occur to corrupt and even delete your files. That's where Norton Ghost comes in. It helps you backup your precious data automatically. Prompt it or let it work in the background like a ghost - quietly protecting your files, transferring them to backup drives, and even optimizing the performance of your PC's drives. There may be a ghost of a chance that you'll ever need Ghost 14 but it's far better to have Ghost fighting on your side. After all, your PC contains key aspects of your life. Protect them with Ghost 14.

Key Technologies:
* Full system backup and restore
* File and folder backups
* Incremental backups
* Event-based backups
* Advanced compression and encryption

* Full system backup (disk image)—Backs up your hard drive or partition.
* File and folder backup—Backs up only the specific files and folders you choose rather than saving an entire drive.
* File backup search—Finds and backs up specified file types such as photos, MP3 files, and documents.
* Incremental and differential backup—Backs up only files that have changed.
* Customisable, event-based backup—Triggers backups based on key events such as new program installations or sudden increases in data storage.
* NEW!: FTP backup—Copies recovery points to a FTP site for easier offsite backup management.
* NEW!: Offsite backup—backs up your files to network-attached storage devices.
* NEW!: Symantec ThreatCon integration—Leverages intelligence from Symantec’s industry-leading security research organisation by triggering incremental backups whenever ThreatCon reaches a specified threat level.
* Advanced compression and encryption—Minimises storage space and helps keep sensitive documents safe.
* System protection—Recovers your system and data even when you can’t restart the operating system.
* EXCLUSIVE!: Google Desktop™ integration—Makes data recovery even faster with searchable backup indexes.
* LightsOut Restore—Restores your system with an on-disk software recovery environment—no bootable CD required.

File systems supported for backup and recovery tasks:
* FAT16, FAT16X, FAT32, FAT32X
* Dynamic Disks
* Linux® EXT2/3 and Linux Swap Partitions

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http://rapidshare.com/files/296007478/NortonGhost14.0.Recovery.DiscAction.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/296007129/NortonGhost14.0.Recovery.DiscAction.part2.rar
http://letitbit.net/download/0957.038217d4815144137323207495/NortonGhost14.0.Recovery.DiscAction.part1.rar.html http://letitbit.net/download/0713.0e7b4036c03e55422dbf0f459e/NortonGhost14.0.Recovery.DiscAction.part2.rar.html
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Torque 3D 2009 SDK 1.0.1 | 250,9 MB

Torque 3D is the latest release of the new engine from GarageGames. The most easy-to-use next gen 3D game creation platform available.

Torque's World Editor provides an entire suite of WYSIWG tools for designing and editing a game or simulated environment. The World Editor is fully integrated with the Torque runtime and provides full access to all Torque subsystems allowing for terrain editing, shader definition and application, river and road creation, and more.
Torque's Terrain system is integrated with the runtime with complete editing support from the World Editor. Sculpt terrains interactively using these tools or import height fields generated in other applications. Texturing, painting, and decal tools enable the construction of photo-realistic environments.
Deploy any Torque 3D project from the World Editor to a web browser in seconds with our web publishing options. Torque 3D supports all major browsers and operating systems, including IE7, FF3, OS X and Chrome. Games perform at 100% native speed, with no performance cost, completely in your browser.
All code in Torque is easy to read and cleanly architected. Runtime code is C++. Tools are written in C++ and TorqueScript. Accompanying code is easily readable, fully indexed, and complete with hyperlinked documentation as well as dozens of samples for both programmers and artists.
Torque's industry leading networking library is unmatched for latency sensitive, scalable multi-player interaction. Using minimal bandwidth per player, Torque supports fast-paced, latency sensitive multi-player racing games with vehicle collision and FPS games with fast projectiles and collisions up to 256 players per server. For less latency sensitive simulations like MMORPGs, virtual worlds, etc., Torque can support 1000+ players per server.

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http://hotfile.com/dl/15414168/fde153f/wetygbvxzaq.part1.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/15414161/d660207/wetygbvxzaq.part2.rar.html
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http://rapidshare.com/files/296016842/wetygbvxzaq.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/296012401/wetygbvxzaq.part2.rar
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http://www.filefactory.com/file/a0555ab/n/wetygbvxzaq_part1_rar/ http://www.filefactory.com/file/a055494/n/wetygbvxzaq_part2_rar/
DepositFiles link:
http://depositfiles.com/files/pve20kclb http://depositfiles.com/files/ytgsr6d5k
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http://letitbit.net/download/8857.81c48839d6fb5d0b554d27509a/wetygbvxzaq.part1.rar.html http://letitbit.net/download/0380.03a00c4f8394e727dd34b8b4d2/wetygbvxzaq.part2.rar.html
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http://turbobit.net/i7azg0szdq8q.html http://turbobit.net/srwgpiwe2f6y.html
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http://sharingmatrix.com/file/489891/wetygbvxzaq.part1.rar http://sharingmatrix.com/file/489892/wetygbvxzaq.part2.rar
UploadBox link:

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